Welcome to Butler Disposal and Recycling
We are a full service waste management company focusing on recycling solutions to help you reduce your waste costs. Did you know that Recycling is not just Environmentally Friendly, IT’S THE LAW IN ONTARIO. Specifically the regulation states that “the owners of the establishments provide for waste TO BE SEPARATED according to material type and subsequently RECYCLED”, or face serious penalties.

As recycling professionals, at Butler Disposal and Recycling, we are constantly evaluating your recycling needs, to provide you with the most up-to-date and innovative new recycling methods. Pulling more recycle out of your waste will not only significantly improve your bottom line but will also reduce your landfill footprint improving your Environmental Scorecard. Trust the waste management and recycling specialists at Butler, to divert recyclables from landfill and save your company money. Waste and Recycling Equipment solutions will compact your waste and recyclables, reducing your hauling costs and carbon footprint. Servicing the Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, all of York Region and the GTA service area for over 45 years; Butler’s Waste Management and Recycling Professions can help you recycle more so you spend less on waste lift and disposal costs!!! Butler Disposal and Recycling is a proud member of the Ontario Waste Management Association. The OWMA is a members’ association which co-ordinates with government agencies and regulatory bodies to provide professional advice to better manage their businesses. The OWMA has over 185 members serving the public and private disposal and recycling interests of companies across Ontario.