Pickle Barrel - vertical compactor
Pickle Barrel


Pickle Barrel challenged Butler to come up with a waste management solution as daily pick-ups of their waste bin were messy and not convenient as pick-ups are not an option on Sundays. Butler Recycling suggested compacting their waste even though they had space restrictions and could not facilitate a large compactor; with this equipment Pickle Barrel could eliminate any rodent problems, clean up their waste area and reduce their costs as a self-contained vertical compactor would be lifted only 2 times per week, not 6 lifts per week. Using a Vertical Self Contained compactor with either a 4 or 6yd bin, Butler will be able to pick this compactor up from tight areas and confined spaces as it is still lifted with a front end disposal truck. Restaurants will require less lifts saving them money while keeping the area around their waste area clean and rodent free.

Pickle Barrel Portfolio Images

Pickle Barrel Portfolio Images


Pickle Barrel

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Stonemill needed two compactors